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Geneviève Fatzer is a multidisciplinary artist working predominantly in painting and printmaking. Her practice generally entails a focus on the relationship between the perceived hue of an object and the vibrancy amongst strong contrasts of tone. Through her work, she blends principles of formalism with emotive mark-making, inviting viewers to delve into introspection and reflection.  

Born on September 10, 1998, in Pretoria, South Africa, Fatzer was raised in a culturally diverse environment with strong Eurocentric family ties. These diverse cultural links heavily influenced Fatzer’s interest towards the arts which lead her to pursue her artistic career by studying Fine Arts at Stellenbosch University (2020). She then furthered her education by completing her Masters degree in Arts & Society at Utrecht University (2022). Currently, she is living and working in Amsterdam.

Studio Practice

In my studio practice I strive to create bold, vibrant, enigmatic works. Painting on multiple canvases during a studio session allows me to examine the combined effect of complementary colours, brushwork, and composition. Through the application of vibrant hues by scraping, impasto application, pouring and reworking the paint at different stages of the drying process it allows me to continually engage and evolve with the work. 

My gestural marks emphasise my reaction to the colours that I work with. There are elements of transcendence within my works as they transport me towards an introspective, intimate investigation of my own state of being. I seek to contextualise myself within a given space - prompting questions of belonging, comfort, intimacy, sadness, and anger. Through the exploration of differing colour palettes as well as paint application, I seek to anchor the viewer in one specific moment, allowing them to pause and reflect.


I draw inspiration from artists such as Helen Frankenthaler, Sam Gilliam and Mongezi Ncaphayi, who all highlight my interest in lyrical abstraction by their colour choice and emotive mark making. 

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